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Each month we will be featuring one of Barry's favorite craft breweries.
We will then get one of the selected breweries best beers on draft
and some of their best bottles in too, if we don't have them already.

Brewery of the Month

Cooperstown, New York

On Draft
- BPA -

Style - Belgian Pale Ale Abv - 6.20%
Taste - A really enjoyable, lovely blend of sweet hop
flavors and tropical tanginess from the yeast with slight pineapple note and gentle
grain taste with mild sugary tip with a nice herbal effect from the hops.

In Bottle
- 3 Philosophers -

Style - Quadrupel Abv - 9.80%
Taste - Sweet, rich and fruity. Cherry isn't that prominent, with much of the flavor
being caramelized sugars and molasses. Malt is huge and works well with
the kiss of hop bitterness in the back end. Alcohols well hidden.

- Hennepin -
Style - Saison Farm House Ale Abv - 7.70%
Taste - Crisp hops, citrus, pine & crackers. Superbly smooth yet bitter hoppiness.
Refreshing carbonation and awesome citrus / piney hops wake
up your taste buds on a new level.

- Abbey Ale -
Style - Dubbel Abv - 8.5%
Taste - Profound Belgian-style characteristics. Very rich and intricate flavor, clove,
banana, caramel & bitters. Dark red-copper, very active carbonation
and an agitated head.